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Home Base Blog: The Vegetarian in The Outfield

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When it comes to the baseball park experience, food and beverage play a crucial role. After all, nobody likes being hangry while cheering on their team! While baseball fields are not known for their fine cuisine, you know you can rely on the baseball classics, like hotdogs, burgers, nachos, beer, and soda, at every field. Unfortunately, it is sometimes harder to find options for vegetarians. That’s the purpose of this post: to recommend food options for other vegetarian baseball enthusiasts!

Unlike the rest of my family, I prefer a vegetarian diet. Although I’m not on the trip with the rest of my family, I know the challenges a vegetarian faces finding food in ballparks. So, for each field my family visits, I have created a mini vegetarian menu based on research I have done from our family’s “home base.” Each menu highlights vegetarian food options and their locations.

About the Menus

  • Each menu contains main course type options.
  • Vegetarian snacks you can find easily in every ballpark, including pretzels, popcorn, fries, and nachos (only cheese and chips), will not be included in the menus.
  • The concessions at each ballpark change every year. Since (so far) I have been unable to predict the future, the menus I have put together are only for the 2023 baseball season.
  • Each menu is in fact an image! Which means that it can be downloaded if you either right click and press download image (if you are on a computer) or press down on the image for two seconds and then click download image (if you are on a phone)
  • It is important to note that some sections across menus remain incomplete or titled “unknown” due to a lack of information from the ballpark and other sources.
  • If you have any questions or see something on a menu that needs correcting, comment below and I will update the menu as soon as possible!

Now Bring on the Food!

There are many fields that have limited options in terms of vegetarian food. However, the ones that do have options have some really cool food! Here are a few themes to look out for:

  • MingsBings and Shake Shack are two vendors that appeared several times in my search. Vegetarians are safe here with MingsBings all vegan stands and Shake Shack’s ‘shroom burger (where the burger patty is a mushroom)!
  • In places where there are few vegetarian options available, there is (generally) the option to bring food into the park. Make sure to check the MLB park website or our Ballpark Game Plan post for the park so that you know the rules before you go. The rules change from field to field.
  • Many stadiums have some vegetarian options and then a whole stand dedicated to vegan food. Those stands (for the most part) will have the word “vegan” in the title. These stands are definitely 100% vegetarian. It is just a matter of finding them. They are also listed in my Vegetarian Menus.
  • Some areas at some ballparks are restricted to people with season or premium tickets. On the menus I created an asterisk (next to the location) indicates a restricted section.

Vegetarian Menus by Ballpark

An Ode to Dippin’ Dots

When my brother and I were younger, we went to A TON of baseball games! One thing we always looked forward to (aside from the game itself) was the DIPPIN’ DOTS! Dippin’ Dots are tiny flash frozen (dipped in liquid nitrogen) balls of ice cream! They are so much fun and bring up major nostalgia for my brother and me. And I am happy to announce that most of the parks in this list offer dip-n-dots as well!

Here are the parks that have this fun, vegetarian treat:

  • Dodger Stadium (Reserve Level – Section 36)
  • Petco Park (Lane’s Lemonade Stand: Sec. 104, 116, 119, 131, Gallagher, 211, 225, 300, 320)
  • Minute Maid Park (Sec. 105, 134, 156, 405, 424)
  • Busch Stadium (Sec 138, 154, 199, 230, 266B, 451)
  • Citizens Bank Park (Sec. 108, 128, 138)
  • Nationals Park (Sec.108, 115, 134, 143, 225, 312)
  • Tropicana Park (Sec. 114, 123, 144, 147, 347)
  • Truist Park (Sec. 11, 145)
  • Great American Ball Park (Sec.112, 131, 511, 519, 532)
  • Progressive Field (Sec. 173)
  • Target Field (Sec. 108, 114, 122, 230, 319, Delta SKY360° Club*)
  • American Family Field (Sec. 108, 125, 207, 231, 336, 414, 431)
  • Citi Field (not sure where to find them)
  • PNC Park (not sure where to find them)
  • Comerica Park (not sure where to find them)
  • Angel Stadium (Sec. 109, 124, 238, 412, 429, 424; Portables 103, 124, 207, 230, 317)
  • Ring Central/Oakland Coliseum (Sec. 114, 225)
  • Oracle Park (Sec. 123, 318)

Unfortunately, our home ballpark, T-Mobile Field, home of the Mariners, does not carry Dippin’ Dots! I’m so disappointed!

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