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Ninth in the Line Up: Our Visit to Yankee Stadium

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It’s Sunday. We must be in New York City to see Yankee Stadium. Okay, really, we’re in Jersey City. The locations are starting to blur. Since our first game, just 15 days ago, we have been in 17 different states!

We were a bit tired from our late arrival, but excited to visit Yankee Stadium. Today’s game pits the hometown Yankees against the Houston Astros.

Our Impressions of Yankee Stadium

Yankee Stadium looks impressive from the inside. The tall white walls topped with flags give it a regal look. However, behind the scenes it is a concrete stadium without much architectural flair. It feels like you are walking in tunnels. At one point, we ended up in a tunnel that we thought led back to our seats, but it ended up a floor above us. We couldn’t find the down ramp, so we ended up taking an elevator to the correct floor.

They do have a nice, if small, Hall of Fame Museum.  It displays memorabilia and allows fans to take a picture of themselves inside a baseball locker cubbie with their name superimposed above it. They also have a great grounds crew who dances to YMCA when they are grooming the diamond! I know that quite a few of the ground crews used to perform like that, but this is the only one we’ve seen on this trip.

Our Seats: Our seats were in Section 116, Row 6, Seats 6, 7, and 8. The seats felt tight, but the view was good.

The Food: From my perspective, the highlight of Yankee’s stadium (other than the dancing crew) was Lobel’s USDA Prime Steak Sandwich. All three of had them, and they were excellent!

Non-Alcoholic Beer Review: Bud Zero. Again.

Five Home Runs for Housing!

This was our second night in a row with five Home Runs for Housing! The first home run was a one-run hit by Yankee shortstop Gleyber Torres. In the second inning, Astros center fielder Jake Meyers hit a three-run home run, allowing them to take the lead. At the top of the third, Yorden Alvarez hit a second home for the Astros.

In the 4th, the Yankees made a comeback thanks to walks by the pitcher. With bases loaded, the Yankees earned three forced runs and tied up the game. Then, in the 6th, Jake Meyers hit his second 3-run home run of the day, giving the Astros a solid lead. Martin Maldonado hit the fifth home run of the game, increasing the lead by another run.

A pitch-clock violation in the bottom of the eighth puts the Yankees in a winning. Jake Meyers hammered the ball into the outfield, but the Astros caught it at the wall. The Astros won the game 9 to 7.

Up Next:

Tomorrow, we’ll see the Kansas City Royals (again!) against the Mets at Citi Field.