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Introducing the Home Team

Emma 0

If you’ve been following this blog from the beginning, you will know that in our family there are two teams: the visiting team and the home team. You have gotten to know the visiting team (Brad, Heather, and Ryan) from their posts and videos describing their adventures while visiting the major ballparks across the country. This post is your official introduction to the home team!

First in the Home Team Lineup is Riko

Riko is our cute, quirky, and energetic eight-year-old Vizsla. He is an amazing adventure partner, but he hates being in one place for too long. The long car rides from ball park to ball park would be torture for him. (So would the heat!!) That is why this season, he is on the home team.

Next in the Lineup is Emma

Emma is the eldest child and only daughter in the Sturgill family. Aside from being an avid baseball fan, she is also a student at the University of Washington. While she has never played on a baseball team, she has watched and scored many games. She has been the announcer for many of her brother’s baseball games, his partner in many games of catch, and even helped coach a practice or two alongside Brad.

Now, she is a starting player on the home team, taking charge of taking care of both Riko and the family’s house while attending summer classes at the University. She will also be writing a few blog posts to provide further information about baseball parks, baseball players, and the game itself! The first post is coming soon, so keep a lookout!