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About the Baseball Fans

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We are baseball fans.

My husband, Brad, played baseball through college. He had an opportunity to join a minor league team and play ball professionally, but life on a tour bus with a very small starting salary didn’t sound stable enough to him. He opted for a more lucrative job at Boeing. I think a part of him has regretted that move ever since.

Much to Brad’s delight, both our children are also baseball fans. Our eldest, Emma, is a dedicated fan. She loves watching and scoring games. When she was younger, she was her little brother’s partner in catch. She graciously volunteered to stay home while we pursue our Baseball Fan Grand Slam. She’ll be coaching us from the “dugout,” while taking care of our home and our dog. She’ll also field calls and troubleshoot from afar, and may write the occasional post.

Ryan, my son, has been playing baseball since he was three, and is now a high school ball player with dreams of playing college ball. When he isn’t playing, he’s watching games, working out to improve his game, or talking about baseball mechanics, players, and strategy with Brad.

In addition to talking baseball with the kids, Brad was a coach in Pacific Little League. He also served on the board and, eventually, as president of League. He has also coached select teams and continues to serve as an assistant baseball coach at Mountlake Terrace High School. When he’s not coaching, he is watching baseball, often with my son.

Me? I’m my son’s biggest fan, and my husband’s back-end coordinator. I make sure there are plenty of baseball game snacks available, attend every game I can, and am delighted to watch my husband and son share their passion for the game.

When I’m not cheering them on, I work with families and employees experiencing homelessness. Together, they are the biggest segment of the homeless population in the United States, and the least likely to receive support. That’s why we decided to double up on this project and include a fundraiser to benefit my employer, Wellspring Family Services. We’re calling it Home Runs for Housing.